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Welcome to my web site

This web site reflects my fascination and love of vintage short wave and HAM radios.  It is dedicated to the great manufacturers of the past.  Hopefully it will provide some useful information to others who share my interest.

Some useful links Click here for lots more

bulletGE Ham News
bullet Boatanchor Connectors Reference
bulletK4XL Ken Grimm's BAMA (Boatanchor Manual Archive)
bulletBAMA Mirror site
bulletWB4HFN Ron Baker's website A tremendous resource
bulletCollins Collectors Association
bulletCollins Radio Association
bulletW5OR Don Reaves' Collins PTO Reference
bulletR-390 Family Manuals
bullet W8ZR rebuilds a 516-F2
bulletR. L. Drake
bulletVirtual Drake Museum
bulletDrake List Home Page
bullet AC-4R upgrade board from Mike Bryce
bulletThe Heathkit Shop - AmpKeyer, HP-23 power supply upgrade board, etc
bulletArchive of CircuitArchive
bulletGC-1005 Clock manual (partial ~6Mb)
bulletEverything you wanted to know about the HW-101
bulletWB8JKR Mark Graalman's Heath HW-101 Modifications 1.7Mb PDF
bullet WB8JKR Mark Graalman's Heath SB-300/301 voltage regulation mod 350Kb PDF
bulletKA4RKT Tom Norris' Military Equipment Reference
K7OSK John Ellingson's Boatanchor Parts and Stuff for sale  

"The" magazine for  Boatanchor enthusiasts

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